Custom Downspout Extensions

Installing drain pipes underground to a point away from the house is essential to maintaining a properly drained terrain. Professionally built and guaranteed for 15 years.

Outside Excavation and Waterproofing

This process involves excavating and sealing from outside. These are more traditional methods of waterproofing. The walls are sealed with a combination of heavy duty (trowel on) tar, and asphalt [...]

Window Well Installation

Window wells are needed when the level of the dirt outside becomes too close to the bottom of your basement window. A window well provides drainage and allows the earth to be graded away from the [...]


Removal of pavement and concrete is sometimes necessary during outside excavation waterproofing. Additionally we provide pavement and concrete removal services. Please contact us for our hourly rate.

Rod Hole Repair

Rod Holes are built into every basement as part of the foundation, sometimes the hole is not properly closed and can cause leaks. In order to fix this issue these are holes through poured [...]

Brick and Block Repair

Brick and block can be damaged underground (often close to ground level) due to excessive moisture. We waterproof the damaged areas with protective coatings. This helps to restore the brick or [...]