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Brick and Block Repair

Brick and block can be damaged underground (often close to ground level) due to excessive moisture. We waterproof the damaged areas with protective coatings. This helps to restore the brick or block to its original condition.

The most common issue associated with brick and block repairs are patios and foundations featuring these materials near ground level. This is particularly true when bricks or blocks are located near a home’s foundation which is not graded properly, causing running water to move against these porous materials regularly. The resulting water damage can chip away at the areas around the foundation of your home, and can even facilitate water-related cracking and damage which can cause major flooding and water damage in your basement. In extreme cases, the durability and integrity of your wall can be compromised, requiring extensive, costly repairs.

How To Know If Your Home Requires Brick And Block Repair:

  • Your home’s walls feature bricks within 12 inches of ground level
  • Your home’s corners do not feature at exact angles
  • Bricks or blocks are visibly eroding or chipping where moisture gathers after rainfall

If you are experiencing any of these problems, contact us immediately. This type of water damage has the potential to become extremely serious if it isn’t taken care of as soon as it is discovered.