Professionally Built and Guranteed

Custom Downspout Extensions

Installing drain pipes underground to a point away from the house is essential to maintaining a properly drained terrain. Professionally built and guaranteed for 15 years.

Downspout extensions are the unsung heroes of property drainage. They help keep your foundation secure and protected by removing excessive rainwater and melt water from winter snow as far away from your home as possible. They are particularly useful for homes that feature a deck or patio since these features can depress the land around them and create “low zones” where water can pool and cause havoc to the structural integrity of your home.

How To Decide If Your Home Could Use A Downspout Extension

  • You have a deck or patio
  • Your property slopes towards your home
  • Your downspout empties within 5 feet of your home without proper drainage
  • You see puddles within 5 feet of your home when it rains

If you are unsure whether your current downspout is putting your foundation at risk, give us a call and let us help you make an informed decision!