Professionally Installed

Custom Window Well Covers

Our custom built window well covers provide added protection against water damage in your basement. They are incredibly resilient and removable in case of emergency.

Window well covers offer a second perimeter of defense when it comes to your basement by keeping water away from its most vulnerable point – your basement windows. Unlike your foundation, which features a solid wall with various barriers designed to keep water out, windows are not sealed and can easily let water into your home if window wells are not properly drained. In fact, some basements flood when there is enough rain and just the right kind of wind. That’s why we suggest window well covers to protect your basement from even the most powerful storm.

How To Know If Window Well Covers Are Right For Your Home

  • You find wet spots around the windows of your basement
  • Your basement windows are more than 5 years old
  • You do not want to clean debris from your window wells every fall or spring

As an added bonus, window well covers also keep debris out of your window wells and are easy to clean, which allows more natural light into your basement from outside.

If you would like to learn more about our easy-clean window well covers, please get in touch!