Outside Excavation and Waterproofing

This process involves excavating and sealing from outside. These are more traditional methods of waterproofing. The walls are sealed with a combination of heavy duty (trowel on) tar, and asphalt membranes. Delta membrane or high density Styrofoam (SM) is used to insulate the sealing products.

External waterproofing and excavation can be an extremely time-consuming and work-intensive process. Generally, it is necessary to ensure long-term results when it comes to waterproofing the foundations of older homes as they break down more and more due to age. We like to make sure that excavation is necessary before we begin working on your foundation since there may be a more cost-effective method for securing your basement walls and removing the risk of flooding.

How To Know Your Foundation Requires Excavation:

  • Your basement is showing considerable leaks
  • There are visible cracks in your basement’s foundation
  • You can see cracks on your outer walls leading into the ground

Unsure if your home needs external waterproofing work? Give us a shout and let us help you make an informed decision!