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Pipe and Conduit Repair

Pipes or conduits that run through a basement wall underground may leak over time. Contact Crownseal today to resolve this issue before its too late!

As areas of your home that feature holes in your walls and foundation, pipes and conduit are some of the more common areas where leaks can develop. Whether this is due to poor fitting on the part of a contractor, or simple wear and tear on sealants that give way, the water damage from these fixtures can be extensive and can happen very quickly. We strongly advise that you regularly check the areas around pipes and conduit entering your home. Luckily, pipe and conduit-related leaks are easy to identify.

How To Know If Your Home’s Pipes or Conduit Holes Are Leaking:

  • Water buildup will occur near an entry point into your home
  • Water is pooling near a drain or other water fixture (hose, taps, faucets, etc.)
  • Water is leaking down a wall near an entry point

While troublesome, these issues are easy to repair. Call us today and get back to normal right away!