Rod Hole Repair

Rod Holes are built into every basement as part of the foundation, sometimes the hole is not properly closed and can cause leaks. In order to fix this issue these holes through poured concrete walls are normally filled with cork or cement.

Although rare, leaking rod holes are a problem faced by many home owners. They represent an area where your foundation is thinner and weaker than the surrounding area, resulting in a higher likelihood of water getting into your basement. They are a simple fix – generally some poured concrete or a bit of cork is sufficient to stop the leak. That being said, it is worth knowing whether your home features any risky rod holes in order to avoid any water damage in your home before it happens.

Symptoms Of A Leaking Rod Hole Include:

  • Very small water spots in your basement
  • Leaking without evidence of cracks in your foundation

If you cannot pinpoint the cause of wet spots in your home, you may have a leaking rod hole. The fix is easy, so give us a call and let us help you take care of it!