Sump Pump Installation

Installing a sump pump in a basement has many benefits. The pump picks up water that may collect under the floor. It is also used as an added drain.

A sump pump is a more powerful alternative to Internal Drainage systems. They are best used for eliminating water from beneath your home’s foundation without having to excavate. A hole is dug into your foundation and the pump is lowered down into the resulting area. Once turned on, the pump removes water from beneath your home, removing the risk of future cracks as a result of moving water under your home. They also function as additional drainage ports and will help to eliminate the risk of water damage in the form of cracks in your foundation.

Your Home Could Use A Sump Pump If:

  • Your drains regularly backup causing flooding
  • You can hear running water in your basement that is not inside a pipe
  • Your floor is beginning to show cracks that are not near your walls

If you are witnessing any of these symptoms, do not put off an inspection. Water beneath your foundation is one of the most dangerous and potentially damaging forms of water damage your home can face. If you witness any of these problems, contact us immediately.