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Weeping Tile Installation and Replacement

These are 4” perforated drains that surround the outside perimeter of a basement. They help to drain outside water below your floor. Over time, these tiles fill with dirt and eventually stop working. Contact Crownseal today to get this issue resolved.

Weeping tile is one of the most important drainage features of your home. It functions as a hose for draining water from your property and protecting your foundation. When rain falls around your home, it spreads out as it enters the earth. This spread can cause water to leak away from solidly-packed earth (like you might find in your backyard) and towards more loosely-packed earth (like you might find under a sidewalk or near your home’s foundation). As a result, weeping tile helps protect your home by directing water in a funnel from your home and into a drainage area, typically a sewer or the road outside your house. Unfortunately, weeping tile is not very strong and can be crushed or even filled with dirt if not properly installed. As a result, broken weeping tile is one of the most common causes of basement and foundation leaks.

How To Know If You Need New Weeping Tile:

  • Your property is regularly swampy after rainfall
  • There is a buildup of water in a thin, straight line within 6 feet of your home
  • There are multiple leaks in your foundation spaced out along a single wall

Broken weeping tile can cause a lot of damage to your foundation and should be addressed immediately. If you notice any of the symptoms above, give us a call and let us help you repair your home as quickly as possible.