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Window Well Installation

Window wells are needed when the level of the dirt outside becomes too close to the bottom of your basement window. A window well provides drainage and allows the earth to be graded away from the house. We also offer custom built wood or concrete window wells.

Window wells are incredibly important for any home featuring windows at the ground or basement level. They permit effective grading of your property to disperse water away from your home, reducing the chance of flooding or foundation leaks. They also allow you to generate more natural light in your basement, and add value to your home if you are considering selling or moving. Finally, they can be covered to restrict the flow of water around your basement windows – one of the most common ways basement leaks occur.

How To Know If You Need Window Wells

  • You have windows in your basement but no window wells
  • Your home has a foundation leak near a window
  • Pools of water form around your windows after rain or snow

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